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Setting up Qt with Android

  • Hello,

    I am trying to compile a program of mine (it works without any problems on Windows) for Android. I have downloaded the Android SDK, Java SDK and NDK. However, I get the following warning:I get the following warning
    I did go to the Qt Versions window, however, I'm not quite sure what exactly I am supposed to do there. Here's how the window looks:

    Could anybody help me with that?

  • @El3ctroGh0st

    AFAIK the recommendation for NDK version 10e is still valid. See below

    Installing the Prerequisites
    In order to use Qt for Android, you need the following:

    The Android SDK Tools
    Note: If your Qt version is earlier than v5.9, use the SDK tools package v25.2.5 or earlier.

    The Android NDK (recommended version 10e)
    Java SE Development Kit (JDK) v6 or later. You can also use OpenJDK on Linux.

    copied from here

    You try downgrading your NDK

  • I just did that. Didn't seem to fix it. :/

  • @El3ctroGh0st

    Well at least your screen shot above indicates that there is NDK 16.1..that reads to me as NDK 16a and not NDK 10e.

  • @koahnig Yes, I previously used 16.1. But now I downloaded NDK 10e and switched to it. But it didn't change anything.

  • @El3ctroGh0st

    Otherwise the Android setup looks correct IMHO. It basically tells you that there are other architectures currently not covered. When you really need those architectures, you can install them later on. However, you should be set at the moment to start with developing for Android.

    It looks like you have installed all possible versions of Qt libs including different pre-compiled builds for different MSVC versions. Apparently Qt creator could not find 64 bit MSVC2013 compiler, but that is not an issue for Android compilation.

    To continue with Android it is probably best to use the Android examples for compilation and playing around. The examples are typically under Qt/examples . Some explanation on examples are here

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