How to use own enum with Q_INVOKABLE and namespace

  • Hi,
    i will use this function from qml.

    Q_INVOKABLE bool startBackUp(SomeEnum i);

    The Enum is definied in *. h file:

    namespace MyNamespace
        enum class SomeEnum {
    I did the registration (```
    qmlRegisterUncreatableMetaObject(MyNamespace::staticMetaObject, ..."MyNamespace", 

    Im write the ```

    "import myImort 1.0"

    Is use the function in qml:

    Model.startBackUp( MyNamespace.Foo) // works not!
    console.log("MyEnums: " + MyNamespace.Foo + " " +  ) // works: MyEnums: 0 1

    I get the Message: ```
    Error: Unknown method parameter type: MyNamespace.Foo

    it works fine if i using an Integer datatype: ```

    Q_INVOKABLE bool startBackUp(int i); // works
    Model.startBackUp( MyNamespace.Foo) // works

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    Do you also call Q_DECLARE_METATYPE and qRegisterMetaType ?

  • Yes i do.

    The console.log works fine. And also with Integer.

    Only here I get the errror message:

    Q_INVOKABLE bool startBackUp(SomeEnum i);
    ```  //Error: Unknown method parameter type: MyNamespace.Foo

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