Unable to find an x11 visual that matches egl config 20.(Raspberry Pi 3 Mobdel B)

  • Hey .This is Sam.I am developing an application in qt and i want it to be deployed to my raspberry pi3 model B. Actually I have created the application in my laptop , i copied the files to my pi,and build the project and the executable had been created. But the problem is my pi shows error when i try to execute the executable. It shows: Unable to find x11 visual that matches egl config 20.
    I saw some of the x11 packages were not installed in my pi.I installed them too.I also tried to run the executable with -platform eglfs option,it shows : cannot open egl display. In the Makefile I edited the include paths of the egl and gles too. But still the problem persists. Btw i am using Ubuntu mate on my pi.
    please can anyone help me out

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