Status Bar Tint and Text Color IOS

  • I have had no problems with changing the status bar color on android but ios is giving me quite a pain. Launch Image and Icons i've got figured out.

    I've been able to achieve 2 results yet neither fit my needs. I don't need to have an app fullscreen nor do I plan to provide safe areas for specific devices. Secondly to respect apple guidelines i don't want to override the safearea

    See examples:

    Example 1

    Example 2


    After going through a bit of documentation I think i may have found a solution but would still love some expert opinion

    // Only do this for ios
    int main() {
     if (QSysInfo::productType() == "ios")  { InitializeMyDelegate();};

    Then through my delegate i wrap an Objective-C mm file and there i call basic global ios functions to set the storyboard global tint... A hack if you ask me thats why i would like some help.

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