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Qt theme problem

  • Hi,
    I am writing a GUI program with Qt. It look nice in my linux plasma5 desktop. But when I run as root user, or run on remote linux through x11 forwarding, it has an ugly style.
    Does any one know how to pack plasma5 theme (maybe call oxygen theme? ) into executeble, so I can have a uniform style?

    Thanks a lot!!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    It's normal that the application looks different when running as root, it allows the user to notice that it's not using a "normal" application. Note that it's usually a bad idea to run applications as root. You should ask for credentials when need but otherwise not allow things to be done by root unless it's for a very specific purpose.

    As for the remote, it depends on what is available on that machine since you run your application on it.

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