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Trying to build Qtwebengine on Debian Stretch...

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to build QTwebengine on Debian Stretch to get proprietary codecs support.
    qmake passes well, but when I try to compile (make), I get this error :

    ( test -e Makefile.gyp_run || /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qmake /home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/src/core/ WEBENGINE_CONFIG+=use_proprietary_codecs -o Makefile.gyp_run ) && make -f Makefile.gyp_run 
    Project MESSAGE: Running gyp_qtwebengine "/home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/src/core" -D qt_cross_compile=0 -D qt_os="desktop_linux" -D pkg-config="pkg-config 2> /dev/null" -D use_qt=1 -D v8_use_external_startup_data=0 -D enable_basic_printing=1 -D enable_print_preview=0 -D enable_web_speech=0 -D enable_extensions=0 -D linux_use_bundled_gold=0 -D linux_use_bundled_binutils=0 -D linux_use_gold_flags=0 -D toolkit_uses_gtk=0 -D use_ash=0 -D use_aura=1 -D use_cairo=0 -D use_clipboard_aurax11=0 -D use_cups=0 -D use_gconf=0 -D use_gio=0 -D use_gnome_keyring=0 -D use_kerberos=0 -D use_pango=0 -D use_openssl=1 -D use_nss_certs=1 -D use_openssl_certs=0 -D no_delete_null_pointer_checks=1 -D use_system_zlib=1 -D use_system_libpng=1 -D use_system_libjpeg=1 -D use_system_harfbuzz=1 -D use_pulseaudio=1 -D use_alsa=1 -D use_system_libevent=1 -D use_system_libwebp=1 -D use_system_libsrtp=1 -D use_system_libxml=1 -D use_system_jsoncpp=1 -D use_system_opus=1 -D desktop_linux=1 -D enable_widevine=1 -D clang=0 -D host_clang=0 -D qtwe_process_name_debug=QtWebEngineProcess -D qtwe_process_name_release=QtWebEngineProcess -D disable_glibcxx_debug=1 -D remove_webcore_debug_symbols=1 -D remove_v8base_debug_symbols=1 -D disable_fatal_linker_warnings=1 -D sysroot="" -D target_arch=ia32 -D proprietary_codecs=1 -D ffmpeg_branding=Chrome -D enable_spellcheck=0.
    using python: /usr/bin/python version: 2.7.13
    Using extra options found in /home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/src/core/qmake_extras.gypi
    Using extra options found in /home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/src/core/qtwebengine_extras.gypi
    Using extra options found in /home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/src/core/qmake_extras.gypi
    Using extra options found in /home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/src/core/qtwebengine_extras.gypi
    Updating projects from gyp files...
    gyp: name 'icu_use_data_file_flag' is not defined while evaluating condition 'icu_use_data_file_flag==1' in /home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/src/core/core_generated.gyp
    Project ERROR: -- running gyp_qtwebengine failed --

    Does anybody know what I can do ?

  • small update :
    I just deleted the directory and cloned it again (version 5.10 this time), and I have this output from qmake :

    Cannot read /home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/qtwebengine-config.pri: No such file or directory
    /home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/mkspecs/features/platform.prf:68: 'qtConfig' is not a recognized test function.
    /home/thorkal/Téléchargements/qtwebengine/mkspecs/features/configure.prf:33: 'qtConfig' is not a recognized test function.
    Required gperf could not be found.
    QtWebEngine will not be built.

    The fact is I have gperf installed and present in /usr/bin

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you are using your distribution qmake, you should consider using the same version when building the module.

  • Okay, thank you. So my second post should be ignored, the right version for me is 5.7 and it's with this one that I have the error given in my first post

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