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Visible Rect of a QGraphicsView

  • Hello,

    Can someone recommend a method of finding the rect of the currently visible are of a QGraphicsView. Say the scene is larger than the view, how can I know what the visible area of the view is?

    I'd like to use this to implement auto-scrolling while moving/dragging an item and also for a highlighted rectangle over a small overview view.

    I've been Googling this quite a lot and found some suggestions. The main one is:

    QPointF viewTopLeft = view->mapToScene(view->viewport()->x(), view->viewport()->y());
    QPointF viewBottomRight = view->mapToScene(view->viewport()->width(), view->viewport()->height());
    QRectF visibleRect = QRectF(viewTopLeft, viewBottomRight);

    But this seems to return the same result every time regardless of the view. The result is the most top left corner.

    I'm sure there is a straightforward solution that I'm missing.

    Thank you in advance!


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    Did you check this stack overflow thread ?

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