QtCreator Ubuntu 16.04 Offline Installation Issue

  • I am trying to install QtCreator with QtCharts (and possible other packages), but I can't seem to get the widgets to appear in my designer. During the installation I selected all the check boxes (getting the notification that the installation will use ~3.5GB), then continue with the install. No problems. But when I run QtCreator and open a new project, I don't have the QtCharts widget at all. Adding QT += core gui charts to the .pro file results in an error when I try to build. If I attempt to add an #include <QtCharts> it doesn't have an auto-fill option available (other Qt packages are visible, just no charts). If I use the Maintenance tool, it shows all the packages as installed. All of the packages are visible in the /5.10.0/Src/ folder, but nothing seems to be getting linked to the QtCreator IDE. Any suggestions?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you re-run qmake after adding charts to the QT variable ?

  • I've cleaned and rebuilt the project (or tried to) in the IDE, and that's when I get the errors. Do I need to run qmake outside of QtCreator?

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    No you don't.

    Might be a silly question but did you check that you are using the correct kit to build your application ?

  • I have 4 listed due to some previously installed versions, but I was using the 5.10.0 kit. I started browsing through folders and came across the Configure script in the /5.10.0/Src folder (the folder that contains all the add-on modules), so I'm currently doing a make install with that. No clue if it will help, but worst case I simply wipe the folder and start fresh with a reinstall.

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    You shouldn't need to do that. Unless you compile Qt yourself ?

  • I didn't compile QtCreator myself (just downloaded the .run file from the main website), but the install script seems to be missing a step. I've looked through the installation log and don't see any errors in there, but I'm not exactly sure if that means anything.

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    Do you have the logs ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I do, but the firewall here isn't cooperating.

  • I've tinkered around a bit more and found that I can't even compile the modules from source. Qmake works, but when I try to do a make I get various errors. Qtbase compiles fine, though. I'm wondering if having previously installed QtCreator from the Ubuntu repositories has caused these issues.

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