PyQt (but possibly C++) Very simple signal/slot "transference"/encapsulation?

  • This is a question for PyQt. However, I may be able to adapt a C++ solution, depnding on what it is....

    I inherited code using a QLineEdit. I have to change that into a (what I call) a "composite" widget, consisting of a QWidget which holds a QHBoxLayout which in turn holds the original QLineEdit, plus a QPushButton; the button leads to something which can populate the QLineEdit.

    I'm OK with the design, apart from signal/slot handling. The outside world used to go QLineEdit.editingFinished.connect(...). To encapsulate, I'd like it to go CompositeWidget.editingFinished.connect(...), rather than addressing the QLineEdit directly. So I want to simply "transfer" the existing editingFinished signal/slot from the QLineEdit to the CompositeWidget level, "transparently".

    This is for PyQt 5 only, not earlier versions. So far I've never had to use PyQt @ annotations (@pySignal/Slot or whatever they are), and I'm not sure I ought need to, given the definition in QLineEdit in QtWidgets.pyi is already as plain as

    def editingFinished(self) -> None: ...

    ​So, given that I regard minimal code as neat/desired, what is like the minimum I need to write​ to achieve this? I will need the outside world to be able to connect(), my widget needs to be able to emit() it (when the user has finished interacting via the button, widget populates the QLineEdit and needs that to raise editingFinished signal to the outside world). I think that's it!

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    From a C++ point of view: no problem. Signal chaining is indeed the recommended way to propagate in such a case. Just connect the original signal to your custom signal and you should be good to go.

  • For PyQt, I have discovered the magic of pyqtSignal() function for the simplest "redirection". So the code looks like:

    class JDateEdit(QWidget):
        # *** THE NEXT LINE IS THE PyQt MAGIC.... ***
        # class variable for "editingFinished" signal
        editingFinished = QtCore.pyqtSignal()
        def initUI(self):
            # lineEdit holds the date
            self.lineEdit = QLineEdit(self)
            # connect self.lineEdit.editingFinished signal to self.editingFinished signal
    de = JDateEdit()

    Dunno how this compares to whatever in C++ ...

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    Same as before except that you will have two Q_SIGNAL in the connect statement if using the old version.

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