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search working Qt development suite with working MySQL plugin on Android

  • Hello,

    i'm to dumb to create a working MySQL Plugin for Android.
    So im searching an packed development suite with all librarys and datas for an working development suite which includes the MySQL plugin.
    i have tried such description like here https://wiki.qt.io/Build_Qt_5_MySQL_Plugin_for_Android and i dont solve it to create this plugin and use it.
    it should be Qt 5.7 or higher if its possible under win 10.
    i know that the hole development suite with android sdk, ndk, jdk, mysql connector etc... has to been all working with each other.
    to do this, it should be all contained in the Qt dir and there it will packed with all other sources. it would be nice if its on c to get an similar path.

    i trying a good week all day to create them and nothing will work. actually i think its impossible to create the plugin with the needed driver.

    i don't want that this somebody do this for nothing, so i will pay for it...
    if it´s possible, load the packed development suite under uploaded.net
    offers send me please directly.

    Thank you and i hope to hearing from you

  • what i also could imagine is an vm virtual disk image from linux like here![alt text](0_1516115777421_c1a3e2b7-5c66-425f-a9ee-07b1a7e6aa4a-grafik.png image url)
    i would only run this image with the oracle vm virtualbox manager and that should be also fine.

  • Dear Allerknapper
    I have same problem and stacked long time at here .
    Now I have use the QT5.10.1 maybe can get succeed.
    I have no time on it, but i will try it from July.
    If you have any new progress could you update on this topic?
    Best regards,