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Building Application for a custom embedded device

  • Hi all,

    I created a simple GUI application using Qt creator. I can run it on my desktop and see the application working.

    I made a custom board with arm9 cpu, 3.5" LCD, 128MB DDR, ... I downloaded the package qt-everywhere-opensource-4.7.2.tar.gz, extract and cross compiled for target. using ./config -options,... , make and make install.

    All the demos that come in the package work great on my device...

    Now what I want is to build my little application for my device. How do I generate the config and make files.
    Please, Somebody tell me how to build and deploy the application for this custom target....

    PS: I have Linux SDK and Qt framework already working on my device. I'm developing apps using Qt creator on Ubuntu.

  • Hi Qdanny

    Welcome to this forum.

    As far as I understand you have all pieces already together. When you have mastered to compile some of the example and transfer them to your arm9 and you are able to run them.

    The examples are compiled with your cross compiler. With your custom compiled qt version you have generated a special qmake, you need to use this for compiling any of your programs.

    In qt creator you can set also the tool chain to use the cross compiler. "Here is a post with a similar problem":

    [edit] Another good start is the documentation for "qt creator":

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