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HiDPI Display of Checkboxes

  • I am currently in the process of porting a PyQt application to Qt and enabling HiDPI support. I've set Qt.AA_EnableHighDpiScaling and almost everything displays correctly, except for checkboxes.

    I came across which appears to indicate that this problem exists in the base QWindowsStyle but I am also seeing the same behavior on Windows 10 using the QWindowsVistaStyle.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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    You might want to check this submission and build a custom version of the plugin with this applied.

  • I did some exploratory debugging and found that (on Windows 10) QWindowsStyle::drawPrimitive() is not being called to render checkboxes, but rather they are being drawn with DrawThemeBackgroundEx() from uxstyle.dll (which I would have expected to support High DPI correctly.)

    After looking at the screen shots attached to the ticket referenced above I discovered that I have a different sort of drawing problem; checkboxes are being render correctly, but at the same size (13px) regardless of device scaling.

    On Windows 7 checkboxes appear to render correctly with device scaling enabled.