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How to create a db and display it into a treeview? (Advice)

  • Hello!
    I can not decide or convince myself which approach I should learn or inspect.
    In genereal I have an app which has a settings page with a strcuture of a tree.
    It is rough example of what I would like to implement.

    • car
      • speed - 20
      • weight - 100
    • bycicle
      • grils bike
        • color - red
        • color - pink
      • boys bike
        • color - black
        • color - green

    All that data I want to put into a db. Than display it and edit.

    What I have for now are TreeModel derived from QAbstractItemModel and TreeNode. Data for my TreeModel I populate manually
    like: TreeModel.nodesList.append("bike", "red") etc.
    But I would like to load the data from the db and put it into a TreeNode.
    Please put me in a right direction. Advice on how to make it would be great!
    Thank you.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    A QSqlTableModel with a QAbstractProxyModel comes to mind. The former to get the data from your database, the later to turn in into a tree structure.

    Otherwise, you can use QSqlQuery to extract the data from your database and put it in your TreeModel which is the fast and easy way.

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