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unknown linked library for file dialogs

  • Hello,

    I am in the process of deploying my application to linux, and in this, i seem to be missing to include a library for displaying file dialogs - and i've yet to figure out which one it actually is!

    When a file dialog is requested in the application, a see-through box appears - and i strongly suspect that i'm missing a library for the file dialogs.
    I've tried to search the web tirelessly, but i've yet to figure out which one it actually is.

    Any pointers would be creatly appreciated :)

  • Have you tried using ldd?

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    The linuxdeployqt project might be of interest.

  • @Leonardo @SGaist
    i've run linuxdeployqt on the project, which successfully moved the libraries listed in ldd (among others), into the project folder. It did not copy all dependencies though (for instance, it was missing some svg libraries) - so i suspect that this would be the case aswell for some form of input dialog library.

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    I think the File Dialogs are part of

    alt text

    Did you try same deployment folder in an other linux ?

  • I've used linuxdeployqt to do the initial deployment, aswell as copy various svg libraries manually -and this has indeed solved the svg issues that i had. But i've yet to find the library responsible for the input file dialog.

    In the app's lib folder:

    As @mrjj mentions, the widgets library should already be included.

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    What Linux distribution are you running ?

  • @SGaist Ubuntu 16.04

  • @mortbopet in order to understand your runtime environment, even when you mentioned Ubuntu 16.04

    1. is this a kind of embedded device?
    2. what architecture is it? (i.e. ARM, x86)
    3. window manager in use?
    4. a) Have you tried deploying/running this same application in any other Linux device/machine?
      b) Have you tried to run any other application in your device that indeed use the native file dialog?
      4a & 4b so to rule out that the underlying OS/window manager is really providing file dialog support
    5. Have you tried stating DontUseNativeDialog option? (to ensure that the widget-based implementation will be used instead of the native dialog)

  • @Pablo-J.-Rogina Setting the DontUseNativeDialog option did the trick!

    Just a laptop with x86_64 architecture, window manager is Compiz. I've yet to deploy it to other distributions

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