How to build Static version of Qt with all Build options which run with the dynamic version

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    I made a static build of QT app tomorrow and it worked fine but when I start using it and release some of my apps to be standalone app I found a problem with the QNetworkAcessManager that it's not working when need to download something when I searched this error I found that I should enable OpenSSL in my configure.
    and as I searched I found that the options are found in the folder called config.summary which contains build options so old before I use OpenSSL in the configure it was set to no in the config.summary
    now my question is how to enable any of the build options as I need or enable them all when I make my static build as I will not each time need to use a library of QT and release to make standalone app I found that I did not configure this build option so, for example, something like Mysql is set to no and after I build the static version I found my self need it !! so should i build from first each time I realize something ?
    so what should be the solution to such a problem I want to build all QT options which is like the dynamic one that has all dlls did not need something
    Thanks in advance

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    The config.opt file contains the options you used, calling /path/to/configure --redo will re-use these options plus whatever you pass after that. However depending on what options you change, you'll have to do a full rebuild.

  • I understand that but iam asking about what is the full options to use when I build the static version so it releases a complete one like the dynamic so i will not need to build it again in future
    as what happened to me today that I found that the OpenSSL is not in the configure same for Mysql
    so I should rebuild again and wait all this time to make static version which supportt the openssl then I found that I need Mysql so I rebuild
    so if there is a command which makes qt have all options when building? so I don't need to rebuild the static version again for any missing option

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    No there's not. You have to enable whatever makes sense for you and also get all the corresponding dependencies.

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