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SceneLoader does not load any scene also from embeded in Qt examples

  • I tried to launch some Qt3D examples on Android, but nothing works, just empty screen. SceneLoader reports an Error state.
    More dig in looking for solution lead me that SceneLoader is based on Open Asset Import Library. Fortunatelly Open3mod viewer uses same library but provides full log on importing process
    As I found from importing log from Open3mod there is constant error on each import try

    job:  1396,	 time:         17,	 CalcTangentsProcess begin
    job:  1396,	 time:         17,	 Failed to compute tangents; need UV data in channel0
    job:  1396,	 time:         17,	 CalcTangentsProcess finished

    This error same for each model I try to use and seems like Qt interrupts loading scene on this error. However Open3mod viewer loads scene successfully.
    This issue stops me from further plans to use Qt3D as it can't import any 3D model.

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    You should add which version of Qt you are using as well as the Android version and hardware.

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