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How to install a new kit [Windows]

  • Hello,

    I am using windows seven, I just installed Qt creator 4.5 and gcc and gdb via cyngwin.

    Now I am in Qt Creator tools/options/kits
    I have got: desktop (default) with a red exclamation mark so I have tried to add a compiler doing:
    Add then MinGW then C++
    but I don't know the compiler path?
    The same I don't know the debugger path.
    The only things I found on my computer are tar.xz files so I can't use them.

    Please tell me what I did wrong.

  • @Calivernon

    AFAIK is gcc installed through cygwin and MinGW not identical. MinGW is a separate way of using gnu compiler without cygwin.

    When you have installed MinGW you need to find the bin folder in there and select the g++.exe in there as compiler. For the debuigger you can do the same by selecting gdb.exe.

    However, if you have no special reason for installing all bits separately, I would suggest using the online installer. There you can select compilers and the associated Qt pre-builds.

  • Thank you for answering,

    Well, yes if I can use an online installer let's do it! But I don't know how to do.

    On the other hand, I found the g++.exe, gdb.exe and make.exe so I could configure a kit but I did not find anything to enter in the Qt version field so I have got these warnings:

    1. The ABI of the selected debugger does not match the toolchain ABI
    2. CMake version is unsupported
    3. CMake tool does not support the configured generator

    How can I solve it?

  • @Calivernon

    The question is what make you are talking about?

    Especially those questions you are raising at the moment may be easier solved. However, you would be also required to install a version of Qt libraries or compile them yourself, when you want to do all manually.

    To set up Qt creator without an installation of Qt libraries (or at least without Qt libraries for your applications) has been done as to be found here Checkout the link supply in first answer. However, I have decided in my case to add the new compiler with some self-compiled Qt library version, since I am used to qmake.

  • I have no valid kit for my project, I am installing a compiler and debugger manually to configure correctly a kit but you suggest I could do it in another way, using the online installer, I said yes but I have no clue how to do, I did not find any tutorial to use the online installer if you have a link to give me it would be nice and I would try straight away because manually it's a nightmare, every single step brings new problem.

    So waiting for another solution I carry on my way, manually, and now it is weird because I don't have any warning but it is still say: no valid kits found.

  • Thanks for the link, I am having a look

  • Ok, reading your link I have just understood that QtCreator is not enough and I also need "Qt" which is going to install MinGW and everything, so I am going to reinstall everything.

    Just one more thing, why isn't it written anywhere while installing Qt Creator than we need also Qt? I spent something like 4 hours today, I had tens of warning messages talking about compiler, debugger, cmake ... and no one talking about Qt.

    Merry Christmas by the way.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Qt Creator is just an editor.
    You can use it without Qt but you cant make Qt programs then.
    You can also use Qt without Creator if you use say visual studio editor,
    You can use Creator with different compilers and different Qt versions.
    (at same time)

    So its not written you need Qt to use Creator as you actually do not.
    But you need Qt framework to use Qt. Regardless of what compiler and editor
    you want to use. ( and choose the right one for the compiler you want to use.)
    Qt for Mingw have compiler included. Visual studio version do not.

    Merry Christmas

  • @Calivernon

    @mrjj is right.

    However, I like to add that the use of Qt creator with Qt libraries is an easier entrance for starting (and beginners), when you do not already know enough about the other possibilities such as CMake.

    Merry Christmas

  • Well it is not written I need Qt but it is not written I need something else despite all these warnings, totally useless in my case.

    It would be like a car saying that you can't start because you don't have the seat belt and because your windscreen is dirty and because one bulb is broken but you don't even have a engine in your car :/ and it doesn't tell you that.

    Anyway I reinstalled everything and it works perfectly well.

    Thanks, merry Christmas.

  • @Calivernon

    I am not objecting your statements.

    In my opinion all this comes for historic reasons and probably also Qt users became blind in that spot, because it is outside of their objectives. Please feel free to add a bug report on this to JIRA This is the only place to bring up such issues. Just here in the forum it will be hidden in the deep barrows. The forum is not monitored for bugs and suggestions.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Take a look at Qt for Windows and Getting started with Qt. They cover already most of the basics.

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