Add text in textarea inside class

  • hi
    I want to add some value to the Textarea control inside a function cpp class.
    In the widgets project, it was very easy to do inside the function.

    void MyClass::onNumberChanged(QString Number,int num)

    But I'm lost in Qml
    Please guide me

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    @MrErfan I'm not quite sure what the problem is:


    onNumberChanged: myTextArea.text = myTextArea.text + Number

    doesn't work for you?

  • Thanks for the answer, where do I use it?

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    @MrErfan said in add text in textarea inside class:

    Thanks for the answer, where do I use it?

    Well you've been very vague with your description: so a quick example:

    import QtQuick 2.9
         property int number: 0
         onNumberChanged: myText.text = myText.text  + " " + number
        interval: 1000
        repeat: true
        running: true
        onTriggered: number = number +1
        anchors.fill: parent;
        font.pixelSize: 20
        horizontalAlignment: Qt.AlignHCenter
        verticalAlignment:  Qt.AlignVCenter

    Edit: fixed typo: font.size: 20 =>font.pixelSize: 20

  • I want to create numbers that within the class MyClass,
      Send to TextEdit (qml)

    MyClass::MyClass(QObject *parent) : QObject(parent)
        mThread = new MyThread(this);
    public slots:
        void onNumberChanged(QString,int);
    void MyClass::onNumberChanged(QString Number,int num)
        //Send Number from myclass to qml textedit

  • Hello, see this :
    to create your own QML Type "MyClass" with ' qmlRegisterType<MyClass>("io.qt.myClass", 1, 0, "MyClass"); '

    then you can create a MyClass{ } Item in qml and bind properties :

       onNumberChanged : txEdit.text += number
      id: txEdit

    You can also embed c++ object into QML; see here : // I think this is what you need
    Using this you have nothing to do

    MyClass obj;
       text : "your text" +  myObject.myQPrperty  // it will update automatical
       //using this way, variables must be QProperties and Methods must be QINVOKABLES to use from QML


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