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Loading a .mov file results in an automatically zoom from the QMediaPlayer

  • Hi,

    I am heading a problem at my program. Normaly I am developing on a Windows Computer, but right now I am on a Mac.
    If I set a .mov File, the File automaticaly zoom into the video, so it does not keep it size.
    Did somebody handle the problem already?

    Example Code:

    videoWidgetTransform     = new QVideoWidget(_pMainWindow);
     _videoPlayer =  new QMediaPlayer();

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    From the looks of it you are re-parenting your QVideoWidget to what seems to be another video widget instance. What exactly are you trying to achieve ?

  • @SGaist

    _pMainUi->videowidget is a normal widget in my Ui. I am working with the designer, so I can not insert a QVideoWidget directly... Next time I gonna hard code my Ui.

     mMediaPlayer = new QMediaPlayer(this);
     mVideoWidget = new QVideoWidget(this);

    ... works properly

    I found the reason, I implemented a video ratio function to get rid of the black borders. Is there a function to stop the .mov video from scaling itself, on my Windows, the .wmv videos did not do that. If I am changing my splitter, which is resulting in a smaller or bigger video, it changes itself to the correct size and then, after 0.5 seconds it zooms in again.
    Any idea anyone?

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    Nothing forbids you to add a layout to that widget and then add the video widget to it.

  • @SGaist

    But it makes it more complicated?
    I am still facing this issue, on my windows computer everything is working fine. But I want to deploy the program for ios as well. I guess I will face this error there as well.

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    Why more complicated ? In your designer UI you can set a layout on _pMainUi->videowidget and then in your code you retrieve that layout and add videoWidgetTransform.

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