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How to return to swipe view main page?

  • Hi,

    I have 2 folder that each folder contains 4 qml page. In main qml either you tab PAGE_A_MAIN
    or PAGE_B_MAIN. Both of these pages loads 3 qml page for swiping. While I am in PAGE_A2 and using bottom navigation and I can tab PAGE_B_MAIN.

    PAGE_A_MAIN first loads PAGE_A1 and PAGE_B_MAIN first loads PAGE_B1.
    When I in PAGE_A2 and I tab PAGE_B and swipe between PAGE_B and again when I return to PAGE_A I will end up in PAGE_A2 instead of PAGE_A1. How do I do that?

    Sorry for my English...

    0_1513262225376_fb3ac4f8-3ad9-46bb-9c8a-3e181bae7dbf-image.png PAGE_A
    PAGE_A_MAIN All 3 pages loads in here
    PAGE_A2 currentIndex

    PAGE_B_MAIN All 3 pages loads in here
    PAGE_B3 currentIndex

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