Display panel for Qt embedded, what device?

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    I would like to use Qt to make an application for 7" touch screen panel mounted in the wall (inside house). Panel is a piece of electronic board which I could do myself, the question is what hardware should I put into such a board to have the Qt running on this board. Board should communicate with the rest of the system using CAN protocol.
    Perhaps there are some "ready to go" devices/boards I could use ? Or microcomputers (raspberry like) that would do the job ?

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  • @Marek if you could use a Raspberry Pi, I'd say go that way. It's a proven platform for Qt and you'll have lots of references about cross-compiling, deploying, etc. In addition, by using a RPi you can have easy access to CAN Bus boards (i.e. PiCAN2)

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    I'm affraid that RPI will generate to much heat, especially when closed in electric can in the wall.

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    @Marek The beagleboard project https://beagleboard.org/bone has some boards with CAN included.

    There are a lot more modules, e.g. the SOM fromToradex, but these target the professional market and need a carrier board that you would have to design yourself.

  • @aha_1980 In the project I'm doing we are making our own PCB, usually for communication or as asimple digital panel that displays for instance current temperature in the room. Now I need some panel that will display more data, an application actually. Every software in this project is done with Qt, so I thought that instead of ATmega or ATxmega with some graphic from 90's I could use Qt/QML but I need something more reliable than RPI mounted in the wall.
    Toradex seems to be nice option, any more related links?

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