Reinstall Qt5 with QtMultimedia using Ubuntu Mate

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    Check the logs for the related errors. You can also use the -v option to get a more verbose output of the configuration process.

  • @SGaist I think i found the relevant piece of information in config.log

    looking for library ffmpeg
    Trying source 0 (type pkgConfig) of library ffmpeg ...
    + /usr/bin/pkg-config --exists --silence-errors libavcodec libavformat libavutil
    pkg-config did not find package.
      => source produced no result.
    test config.qtwebengine.libraries.ffmpeg FAILED
    executing config test ninja
    Building own ninja
    test FAILED
    looking for library opus
    Trying source 0 (type pkgConfig) of library opus ...
    + /usr/bin/pkg-config --exists --silence-errors opus
    pkg-config did not find package.
      => source produced no result.
    test config.qtwebengine.libraries.opus FAILED
    executing config test re2
    + cd /home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/config.tests/re2 && /home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtbase/bin/qmake "CONFIG -= qt debug_and_release app_bundle lib_bundle" "CONFIG += shared use_gold_linker warn_off console single_arch" /home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtwebengine/config.tests/re2
    + cd /home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/config.tests/re2 && MAKEFLAGS= /usr/bin/make clean && MAKEFLAGS= /usr/bin/make
    > rm -f re2.o
    > rm -f *~ core *.core
    > g++ -c -pipe -O2 -std=gnu++11 -w -fPIC  -I/home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtwebengine/config.tests/re2 -I. -I/home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtbase/mkspecs/linux-g++ -o re2.o /home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtwebengine/config.tests/re2/re2.cpp
    > /home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtwebengine/config.tests/re2/re2.cpp:29:21: fatal error: re2/re2.h: No such file or directory
    > compilation terminated.
    > Makefile:1021: recipe for target 're2.o' failed
    > make: *** [re2.o] Error 1
    test config.qtwebengine.tests.re2 FAILED
    looking for library webp
    Trying source 0 (type pkgConfig) of library webp ...
    + /usr/bin/pkg-config --exists --silence-errors libwebp libwebpdemux
    pkg-config did not find package.
      => source produced no result.
    test config.qtwebengine.libraries.webp FAILED

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    Install the libavformat and libavutil dev packages. Same goes for opus.

  • @SGaist no error anymore. Thanks for you help. I am gonna mark this solved after i ran make and make install

  • @SGaist
    Oh well, here are some errors.. Should i be worried or not?

    /usr/lib/gcc/arm-linux-gnueabihf/5/../../../arm-linux-gnueabihf/crt1.o(.text+0x28): error: undefined reference to 'main'
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    Makefile:81: recipe for target 'schema' failed
    make[4]: *** [schema] Error 1
    make[4]: Leaving directory '/home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtxmlpatterns/examples/xmlpatterns/schema'
    Makefile:122: recipe for target 'sub-schema-make_first' failed
    make[3]: *** [sub-schema-make_first] Error 2
    make[3]: Leaving directory '/home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtxmlpatterns/examples/xmlpatterns'
    Makefile:44: recipe for target 'sub-xmlpatterns-make_first' failed
    make[2]: *** [sub-xmlpatterns-make_first] Error 2
    make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtxmlpatterns/examples'
    Makefile:97: recipe for target 'sub-examples-make_first' failed
    make[1]: *** [sub-examples-make_first] Error 2
    make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/blz/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.9.3/qtxmlpatterns'
    Makefile:282: recipe for target 'module-qtxmlpatterns-make_first' failed
    make: *** [module-qtxmlpatterns-make_first] Error 2

    I am gonna not use make install just yet, because errors and wait for your answer.

  • @Xenoshell
    Just to let you know: I am the person who tried to help with your original "why I am unable to use the camera without freezing?" question!

    I see this thread is getting long, I do hope my advice to sort out your multimedia installation fully is worth it for all this compiling etc. you're doing, and not a red-herring...!!

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    Don't build the tests nor the example, especially since your are cross-compiling. There's no use for that and you'll waste space, time and electricity for nothing.

  • @SGaist So are the errors now important or can i just install without worries?
    @JonB I just wanna cross out all possibilities what could be wrong

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    @Xenoshell As you can see from what you posted those errors are coming from examples. As @SGaist suggested there is no need to build examples and tests (so, no these errors are not important). Use -skip to not to build examples and tests.

  • @jsulm yeah, since make is now finished its a little bit too late to skip the examples. But its good to know that those errors dont matter

  • @jsulm , @JonB somehow in the qt5 folder there is no qtmultimedia. I think i am going mental

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    @Xenoshell make install ?

  • @jsulm yeah already did that

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    @Xenoshell Do you mean there is no libQt5Multimedia.* in lib directory and no header files?

  • @jsulm nope in the lib folder there is only just everything else. Here is my command i used ./configure -opengl desktop -gui -widgets -gstreamer -pulseaudio -alsa -ffmpeg -dbus-linked, Do i maybe have to also add -multimedia?? I dont think there even is that command, but what do i have to do to install QtMultimedia

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    Are you calling configure from the top folder ?
    If so, did you clean everything before calling configure again ?

    As I suggest every time: use out of source builds, that way if something goes wrong or you want to use a different set of option, you can simply nuke everything or change the folder and you know for sure you start from a clean state.

  • @SGaist i called configure from the top folder i got from the .tar.gz file. I just deleted config.cache before calling configure again. How would i go about cleaning everything before calling configure again? What are out of source builds?

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    make distclean or make confclean

    As the name suggests: builds that happens out of the source tree.


    mkdir /home/your_user/build_qt5
    pushd /home/your_user/build_qt5
    /path/to/Qt_sources/configure -nomake tests -nomake examples
    make -j (number_of_cores * 2 + 1)
    make install

  • @SGaist Ok, is this even useful now? I mean i already installed Qt5 so isnt it a little bit too late?
    Btw in my other post about my code are some new outputs since i installed Qt5.

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    It will be in the future when you'll build Qt again.

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