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Unable to start application from Creator

  • Hello people,
    I'm a hobbyist that have programmed less than three weeks. I moved from QT 4.8 to 5 recently and I noticed that sometimes applications does not start.
    When I move the libraries to the /bin folder after build and launch it manually it seems to work.

    I have added: C:\qt\qt5.6.3\5.6.3\mingw49_32\bin;C:\Qt\Qt5.6.3\5.6.3\mingw49_32\bin
    to system variable, but that did not help.

    It looks like a setup error somewhere. Where should I look?

  • @Hjortronsylt

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    From Qt creator typically you should be able to run all applications. Most people have problems to start applications without creator.

    Did everything work fine with Qt 4.8?
    The problem started after installing Qt 5? What is the actual subversion?

    In Qt creator you should check under "tools"->"options"->"Build&run" the different taps. Look out for warnings and error messages.
    Most likely the setup is not correct.

  • I have done some troubleshooting.
    It does seem isolated to the library testlib maybe.

    When i run it with

    QT += core testlib

    it does not open.
    But running with that library it does seem to work :S
    But with another say network

    QT += core network

    It does work for some reason. Any clues?

  • @Hjortronsylt

    Well libraries are simply not interchangable. Each library does hold a couple of objects defining typically the functionality given in the general naming.

    Some namings may have changed between Qt4 and Qt5, but not network to anything.

    Also when your application is requiring network functionality, but is missing it in the link process, you should see somewhere error messages.

    I would suggest that it is best when you are checking out examples from the tutorials. There are the network examples and there is the testlib functionality
    however, Qt offers more different aspects and it may make sense for you to check out those as well.