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Configure QT for both Windows and OSX

  • Hello, i want to ask to the forum if there's a way to use a QT project on OSX and Windows10 at the same time.What type of installation should i make in my operating systems?Thank you.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    If you mean having only one build of Qt for both then no.

    If you mean being able to build your project on both platform then the easiest way to share the code is a source versioning system like git.

    If it matches neither then please provide more details about what you want to achieve.

  • Ok i deal with it, but now i want to install QT on mi pc running on Windows 10, what files and libraries i have to install? I need to code in C++.Thank you for your answers.

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    @Gabry80 Download Qt Online Installer. Decide which compiler you want to use: Microsoft C++ or MinGW?
    The easiest way is to use MinGW. Start Qt Online Installer and select Qt for MinGW and in Tools section select MinGW, install. If you need Microsoft C++ compiler then you need to install Visual Studio first and then Qt.

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    I can highly recommend mingw for a good way to start using Qt.
    If you prefer visual studio, remember also to install the (extra) debugger
    if you plan to use Creator as ide. ( and visual studio as compiler)

    For MacOS, i found this to give a good intro albeit for an older Qt but im
    100% macOS noob so i found it informative
    Make sure OS version, XCode and Qt matches.

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