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  • Hey Qt fammily !

    My question is as follows: i want to distribute a comercial application but i want to use Qt IFW to build the installers. Nothing in the application has anything to do with Qt. Can i use Qt IFW OSS without License issues ?

    Thanks !

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    The framework is not tied to Qt, it's purpose is to allow you to build an installer for your applications.

    For the license part, to the best of my knowledge, the installer framework is GPL/LGPL.

    For a definitive answer, please ask a lawyer.

  • @SGaist Thanks for your answer ! For IFW 3.0.2 the license is GPLv3 and has the following exception:

    "As a special exception you may create a larger work which contains the
    output of this application and distribute that work under terms of your
    choice, so long as the work is not otherwise derived from or based on
    this application and so long as the work does not in itself generate
    output that contains the output from this application in its original
    or modified form."

    I don't see how it being GPL can affect the license that i distribute my work because, as far as my English goes, my work is not based on this application (IFW) and my work doen't generate anything regarding to IFW, only IFW outputs my work.

    Thanks again ! Will do !

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    From the details, AFAIK, you are right, its license is not tied to your application license as long a your application is not based on the installer code itself, which means that then the IFW license would apply.

  • @SGaist Thank you sir !

    I will get this to the people who can deal with it better than i do but it is good to have an idea from the beginning !

    Thanks !

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