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How to import/load an existing Creator project?

  • Hi,

    I reformatted my hard disk and install windows again :(

    Before I did that I copied my project folder from the document folder (where qt project folders/files are saved) but now I can't load the project into qt. I keep getting this message

    My project consist of several nested folder. How can I load my project?

    Thanks in advance :)

    [Edit: embedded image ~~ @Wieland]

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    Either let Qt Creator load it and update it or just move it out of the folder (or delete it unless you have something to recover from it).

  • I moved the project folder out of the document folder. clicked New Project > Import Project > Import Existing project > choose

    selected the location and gave it a project name. I then selected some of the files that weren't selected.

    When I tried to run the project I got an error:

    Compile output is :
    16:59:22: Configuration is faulty. Check the Issues view for details.
    Error while building/deploying project Shepherd (kit: Desktop)
    When executing step "Make"

    Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options.

    When I checked the Options > Build & Run > kits tab, it shows Auto-detected, Manual Desktop (default) with a exclamation mark to its left.

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    No need to move stuff around.
    It simply tells you that it found a .user file and it was not created with your Creator
    (as you reinstalled)
    Just delete .user file and re-select the compiler when it ask as you reopen the .pro file.
    You need not to import the project. The .user file contains extra build steps if added and
    all might work just fine without it. its sort of a preference file.

    Note its pro.USER and not the pro file itself!

  • Where is the .user file located to delete?

    I tried to open the project again and I was taken to the Configure Project page.

    When I clicked options, I got

    Am I moving in the right direction?

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    The .user file is always right next to the .pro file.
    and it seems right as normally there would be compilers to choose from.

    It seems there is no Qt kits found ?

    Did you install the mingw Qt or the visual studio compiler Qt ?

  • I checked the project folder and it has a file named Is this the file I have to delete?

    I ran the Qt maintenance tool > add remove component and a selected Qt 5.9.3

    After it installed, I tried to run the project again but now I have to select from a list of (MSVC 2013-2017 or MinGW) 64 or 32.

    The computer I'm using is dual core running Win 64-bit. I never made this selection before. Any advice on whether to use MSVC or MinGW? 64 or 32? Also MSVC seems to have different versions 2013, 2015, and 2017. Which one to use if you advise MSVC?

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    Use mingw if u are not using visual studio already and have it installed from microsoft.

    If using visual studio Qt, it MUST match the compiler you have download from microsoft and installed yourself.

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    Yes. and select same compiler as for the rest.
    make sure it mingw if u choose that.

    if you dont have the visual studio compiler installed the qt visual studio Qt will not work. The compiler IS NOT included.

  • Thank you very much!

    One last question, I didn't remove and still everything worked fine. Will I experience any problems in the future that I didn't remove it?

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    If it works, you will get no issues with .
    Normally Creator creates is (again) when you have

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