Dialog.ui not opening when a variable is declared in Dialog.h

  • In my qt c++ aplication I have 2 cpp files namely Dilog.cpp and MianWindow.Cpp! An interface(Dialog.ui) is opened when I click a button in MainWindow.ui! But when I declare a variable(I declared both as private and public) in dialog.h and click the button the Application stops working! When I remove the varaible declared and click the button the apllication works fine! What can be the reason for this?

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    What kind of vairable ?
    It sounds very close to impossible what you say :)
    Except if its a pointer. then u can crash the app :)

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    @Lasith Sorry, but from such a description it is simply impossible to say what is wrong. Why don't you post your code?
    "stops working" - what does this mean? What EXACTLY stops working?

  • @mrjj Thanx for the advice! There was a gloabal variable and local variable with same name leading to the crash! :O

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    Oh, thats a classic :)

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