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GDB debugging from Qt creator doesn't work

  • I have a problem with GDB debugging in Qt creator 4.0.2. I want to debug a simple Qt application (from Qt standarddialogs example) in my BeagleBone Black Rev C (and the latest SDK kit (ti-processor-sdk-linux-am335x-evm-
    Debugger starts but report one error:
    i compile and run native C/C++ Code in CCS7.3.0.00019_linux-x64 program and correctly debug.:


    QtCreaator correctly compile deploy and run program but when debug report following error:

    Debugger doesn't work correctly in qt.

    i run gdbserver in beaglebone and i set Debug->start debugging->attach to runnig debug server:
    Please, can somebody help me - what should I check (GDB init file?)?

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