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Hide on screen soft buttons (select and back) in QTopia embedded application

  • Hi All,

    I have created the application using QTopia widget application on embedded linux. everything is working fine but the only issue is, when there is another child screen (using 3rd party library in full screen mode) on top and we click any push button on bottom of the screen, the soft button on parent screen is also getting the signal (clicked). I researched to make the application in full screen using "widget.showFullScreen(), widget.setWindwsFlags()" but nothing is working and the soft buttons are still present on first and only screen of my application.
    Can anyone help me and give me any idea how can I achieve full screen?


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    Just to be sure, are you really using Qtopia ? That last release was in 2008.

  • Hi @SGaist,

    Yes I am using QTopia, the device is secure payment device from YouTransactor - SK100 that have following environment:
    Linux Kernel 2.6.32, QT 4.8, QT Extended 4.4, QT Extended Browser based on Web Kit,
    YouTransactor Plug in for Browser in order to enable YouTransactor, Javascript AP, Embedded Web Server

    Following is my configuration in pro file:

    TEMPLATE = app
    CONFIG += qtopia debug
    MODULES *= qtopiacomm
    #These are the source files that get built to create the application
    FORMS =
    #These are the defines to control functionality in application during compilation
    LIBS += -lrpc


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    Do you have any control on that third party ?

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