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Android: Problem with signature

  • If I disconnect my phone and connect it again after some time, I get this error when trying to run my APK on it:

    Failed to install C:/QtProjects/myApp/android-build//build/outputs/apk/android-build-debug.apk: Failure [INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES: Failed to collect certificates from /data/app/vmdl1287059771.tmp/base.apk using APK Signature Scheme v2: SHA-256 digest of contents did not verify]
    Installing to device failed!
    10:24:10: The process "C:/Qt/5.9.1/android_armv7/bin/androiddeployqt.exe" exited with code 16.

    It is quite clear that the problem is that QtCreator tries to install a debug package but I have a signed release installed on my phone. The signed release APK is not created.

    Uninstalling the program on my phone solves the problem. But I always loose my data this way and it is just a workaround, not a solution. Why is this happening? How can I solve it?

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