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Creating animated widgets

  • i'm making a game. i'll have a window. inside it i will have something for user input. i also need to have an image and based on user input, the image should be changed.

    to make things clearer, this is how the user input will impact the game: i have an image of something, this something consists of many parts. with every wrong user input a part of the image should disappear, and i want the user to see how it goes away (say i want the disappearing part to go to the right of the screen).

    i've never done anything like this. so i'm not familiar with the methods. please help. how should i do that "disappearing" part? any advice?

    thanks in advance

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    If you want to stay in the QWidget world, then it sounds like something you can do with the graphics view framework.

  • @SGaist

    okay, thanks. and what other choice do i have if i don't wanna stay in the widget world?

  • You could enter the QtQuick world.

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