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Auto Generating Model code

  • Hi,

    I have just gone through a simple ToDo list tutorial ( that uses QML and stores the model in C++

    There seems to be a lot of 'gotcha's that need to be implemented for each model in C++ (overriding QAbstractListModel). I guess once you do a few it gets easier.

    My Question: Is there an Code generator around that you give an IDL to that can do all this tedious work for you ? (In the same way that DJango does this perhaps ?)


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    AFAIK, no, there's no such tool.

  • thanks..
    if you haven't seen it i bet it doesn't exist

  • Just found Thomas Boutroue's macro's that look after a lot of the gotcha's

    very interesting . i'll try the same todo list with this and report back

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    The fact that I'm not aware of such a tool doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There are lots of stuff going on around Qt ;)

    IIRC, he has several libraries and helpers that might be of interest, thanks for the reminder !

  • Oh wow. I just re-implemented the todo list example with heaps less code.
    i think i'll keep using this.

    now see if i can also use QuickFlux in the same application....
    (third try but i usually get lost towards the end of the tutorial )

  • What I usually feel like suggesting is not to subclass the model at all. use QStandardItemModel only via the QAbstractItemModel interface (you can force yourself by declaring QAbstractItemModel* model =new QStandardItemModel(parent);).

    If the model's performance is really a drag for your application you can go the length and implement a model subclass (with all its gotchas) changing just 1 line in your existing code

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