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textBrowser - setEnabled problem

  • Seems like setEnabled isn't working when text color for textBrowser is changed.

    ui->textBrowser->setText("Some text");

    If I don't change the color then it works fine.
    Am I missing something ?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What are you expecting from setEnabled ?
    What are you currently getting ?
    With which version of Qt ?
    On which platform ?

  • Hi, sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

    setEnabled actually works as it should (not visually), for example if you setEnabled(false) for a pushbutton you wouldn't be able to click it, but the same thing happens with pushbutton as with textBrowser if you change the color :
    ui->pushButton->setStyleSheet("color: rgb(255, 0, 0)");

    I guess this happens with any widget, what happens is that the color of a widget stays the same and it should be grayed out, like it does when you don't change a color, basically that's the problem.

    Qt is 5.9 on linux.

  • @kajzer
    I think you're stating that without an explicit color disabled changes color, but once a color is specified explicitly it does not. Explicit color overrides default behaviour. To get the "dimming" I believe you have to now choose a dimmed color and attach via something like QPushButton:disabled (or however you specify that property in stylesheet?), or set dimmed color explicitly in code on disablement.

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    @kajzer you need to adjust your StyleSheet for the textbrowser, something like this:

    ui->textBrowser->setStyleSheet("QTextBrowser{color:red;} QTextBrowser:disabled{color:white;}");

  • @J.Hilk said in textBrowser - setEnabled problem:

    ui->textBrowser->setStyleSheet("QTextBrowser{color:red;} QTextBrowser:disabled{color:white;}");

    This works, thanks!

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