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Run application in background on Android

  • Hi

    I have developed a softphone with Qt 5.9.2 and PJSIP library on Android and I need to add the ability to receive calls while the application is in background. I have read that the Qt main thread does not run when the application is in background. So my question is how I can still receive calls when the application is put in background so that the application is automatically put in foreground when a call is received.


  • @cristeab

    Typically the responses to Qt with android are a bit slow.

    Therefore,it might be good to raise or check for answer for the question also on!forum/android-qt

    If you find an answer, please post it or a link also here. This will help others.

  • You need to create a service. Search and you'll find many discussions about.

  • @mvuori I have arrived at the same conclusion. The problem is that from the service I need to start the application, not to just show a notification. The examples I have found until now show notifications only

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