Google Cloud Messaging with Qt (especially Android)

  • Has anyone managed to get a Qt app to work using Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging C++ API?
    I found a reasonable walkthrough here ( but it's not really working well for me.
    There are two problems.

    1. The code crashes on Android 6 devices during initialisation almost every time I build - I can't work out what the magic is that makes it work occasionally! Wierdly, notifications that I send when the app is not running appear in the notification area, and when I click on them the app opens up and then crashes...

    2. On Android 5.1 devices the app doesn't crash at startup. It works just fine up to the point that a message is received from the Firebase system. The onMessage implementation is called, but the structure that is passed to it is garbage. The string members are inaccessible and throw seg faults if I try to use them, and anything else is just zero.

    I could post my code, but it's pretty much verbatim from the link above...

    Oh, and I'm trying not to use V-Play at the moment - the cloud messaging module is not available in the no-cost license and I'm not prepared to pay unless I think it will work!


  • I know you are looking for another solution at the moment, but I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to fully test the GCM Plugin as trial version with the free plan of V-Play. ;-)

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