Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: studio3D

  • using maintenance tools to install qt3d studio It's not possible to use the module with QT += studio3d in .pro, or import it import QtStudio3D 1.0 give error can not be load , could you help me?...

    thank you

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    Studio3D is pretty new, but I believe it's a separate application, not a module. So you'd try to start it the same way you start QtCreator - as an application.

  • @kshegunov hi, thank you for your reply, I can use studio, that ok for that, but to work with I need to include it like the qt video show as you can see at 2:19 min, I have to be able to include it to qt creator, but it doesn't work

  • @kshegunov as you can see here too, it suppose to do what I need...

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    Ah then I must be in error. If it provides a module then the binary (the .dll/so) should be in <QtInstallDir>/lib, could you check if it's present there? It should be named something akin to If it's you couldn't find it there then it may have been installed elsewhere on your system (e.g. try the other folders in <QtInstallDir>, for example in tools).
    Let us know what you find so to be able to judge best course of action.

  • Hi, I found the problem.

    in the build instruction they say:
    Download precompiled boost binaries from and extract them to:
    <path to repo root>/src/3rdparty/boost/1.65.0

    in fact, studio need the boost_1_65_0-msvc-14.0-64 version.
    It have to be install with changing directory to <path to repo root>/src/3rdparty/boost/1.65.0

    After that, following the commonplatform.pri file, I saw the the boost dir was BOOSTDIR = $$THIRDPARTY_DIR/boost/1.65.0/msvc14/lib64

    but it's not what we have inside boost installation, we have to create new folder called msvc14 and rename the folder who contain libboost_signals-vc140-mt-gd-1_65 to "lib64" and move this rename folder inside the msvc14 folder.

    The other way is to change the bootdir in pri files but same libs are called many time, that why I make choice to change boost folder structure

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