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anyone have a presentation about Qt?

  • Some of you guys who have been helping me with various technical issues might find this amusing: I am going to give a presentation to my new company on Qt next week. It's going to be relatively brief and high level, though I will take some time to expose the developers in the audience to its capabilities.

    So, I was just curious - does anyone have any slides they've made up for this purpose? I can make my own, but I'd like to see what anyone else might have done.

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    Qt being huge, what part will you be presenting ?

  • Hah! Good question. I will be making various people familiar with its capabilities. Of particular interest is the ability to write source code that will compile and run on a variety of platforms; this is of great interest to management here.

    Ideally, if I could dig up the information, I'd spend a few minutes on the history of Qt, how it came to be and the like, then go over the breadth of classes and libraries, and finish with a demo of Creator and Designer.

    The audience will be everyone from other developers to the company president (who is very interested in the possibility of us using Qt on future projects throughout the company.

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    For the historical part:
    Here you have a page with a graphical summary of the 20 years of Qt.

    Here one of the Trolltech founders presentation.

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    I have a something I had prepared a few years back for a crash-course I had to teach, but it's proprietary. I could ask the client if they're willing to allow disclosure. It is fairly technical though, as it was intended for developers.

  • Thanks, Samuel - I'll use that for sure.

    kshugenov - I don't want to put you to any trouble, but if it's a trivial matter to ask the client, I'd like to see what you prepared.


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    No hassle, but will do it tomorrow now it's way too late for anything but sleep. ;)

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    Here you go:

    It was an 8 weeks long training, so the amount of information is rather ... excessive ... but anyway, I hope it helps.

    PS. Also note this was done specifically for Qt 4, as the client insisted on it.
    PS. Bad formatting is due to MS Word version differences, the client required it as a Word document

  • @kshegunov thanks! I'll look at it a bit later today. I appreciate the assistance.

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