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How to get media file, for example mp3, tags by Qt?

  • I'm writing a program that have function of searching and creating a list of artists from your music folder.
    Now it's made by using TagLib and works fine.
    But some guys said me that it's possible to do without using any third-party libraries by using QMultimedia.
    I haven't found any good example of this solution and few times i saw messages like this: " this is almost a waste of memory to load on a temporary QMediaPlayer every mp3 in a folder to parse it's data."
    So that's not what i need, because my music library is huge and becomes bigger day by day. It'll take few weeks to open each file.

    So is it possible to get tags from media files like mp3, wma, ogg by Qt without opening them?

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    I don't think so, it is using the platform multimedia framework to play the files and thus get the associated metadata.
    If you already have a working implementation that does what you need with taglib there's currently no reason to change.

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