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How to add win10pcap to QT proj

  • Hi all,
    I am using Qt Creator 4.3.1 on Windows 10. I would like to use Win10pcap library on Qt but I don't know how to include and use it on Qt. Is there anyone here know about it? Thank in advance.

  • @VRonin
    I have download Win10pcap from . And then installed it on my desktop, but I can find the way to include it on Qt.

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    What did you try ? What did not work ?

  • Hi @SGaist,
    I did download for win10pcap installer. And installed it on desktop. After that, I download for Winpcap developer pack as mentioned in Win10pcap website.
    After download, I include wpcap.dll and Packet.dll in .pro file as below:
    INCLUDEPATH += C:/mypath/WpdPack/Include
    LIBS += -L C:/mypath/WpdPack/Lib -lwpcap -lPacket

    And then try the code from winpcap website with the change :
    #include "pcap.h"

    /* prototype of the packet handler */
    void packet_handler(u_char *param, const struct pcap_pkthdr *header, const u_char *pkt_data);

    int main()
    pcap_if_t *alldevs;
    pcap_if_t *d;
    int inum;
    int i=0;
    pcap_t *adhandle;
    char errbuf[PCAP_ERRBUF_SIZE];

    /* Retrieve the device list on the local machine */
    if (pcap_findalldevs( &alldevs, errbuf) == -1)
        fprintf(stderr,"Error in pcap_findalldevs: %s\n", errbuf);
    /* Print the list */
    for(d=alldevs; d; d=d->next)
        printf("%d. %s", ++i, d->name);
        if (d->description)
            printf(" (%s)\n", d->description);
            printf(" (No description available)\n");
        printf("\nNo interfaces found! Make sure WinPcap is installed.\n");
        return -1;
    printf("Enter the interface number (1-%d):",i);
    scanf("%d", &inum);
    if(inum < 1 || inum > i)
        printf("\nInterface number out of range.\n");
        /* Free the device list */
        return -1;
    /* Jump to the selected adapter */
    for(d=alldevs, i=0; i< inum-1 ;d=d->next, i++);
    /* Open the device */
    if ( (adhandle= pcap_open_live(d->name,          // name of the device
                              65536,            // portion of the packet to capture
                                                // 65536 guarantees that the whole packet will be captured on all the link layers
                              1,              //PCAP_OPENFLAG_PROMISCUOUS,    // promiscuous mode
                              1000,             // read timeout
                              NULL             // authentication on the remote machine
                                                      //errbuf            // error buffer
                              ) ) == NULL)
        fprintf(stderr,"\nUnable to open the adapter. %s is not supported by WinPcap\n", d->name);
        /* Free the device list */
        return -1;
    printf("\nlistening on %s...\n", d->description);
    /* At this point, we don't need any more the device list. Free it */
    /* start the capture */
    pcap_loop(adhandle, 0, packet_handler, NULL);
    return 0;


    /* Callback function invoked by libpcap for every incoming packet */
    void packet_handler(u_char *param, const struct pcap_pkthdr *header, const u_char *pkt_data)
    struct tm ltime;
    char timestr[16];
    time_t local_tv_sec;

     * unused variables
    /* convert the timestamp to readable format */
    local_tv_sec = header->ts.tv_sec;
    localtime_s(&ltime, &local_tv_sec);
    strftime( timestr, sizeof timestr, "%H:%M:%S", &ltime);
    printf("%s,%.6d len:%d\n", timestr, header->ts.tv_usec, header->len);


    But the code compile fine, but it doesn't run anything. I don't know what wrong with my win10pcap setup or the code.

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    Go to the Run part of the Project panel, there edit the PATH environment variable and add the path to were the Win10Pcap .dll files can be found.

  • @SGaist
    I tried. It doesn't work.

  • @SGaist
    The application was able to start correctly (0x000007b). Click ok to close the program.

  • Hi, I'm guessing the error 0xc000007b means, you've set the PATH ok to the pcap dll, but it has the wrong bitness, either it's 64-bit and your Qt program is built in 32-bit mode or the other way around.

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