Qt and 3D - Render Textured Model

  • This is probably quite an open-ended question but, I have a 3D model which I've exported from Solidworks and taken into 3D Studio MAX to apply texturing, etc. I now want to export this into a file format (3DS, for example) which Qt can read "out-the-box" and render to a 3D view (QOpenGLWidget, etc).

    A great number of the examples I've looked through seem to apply the texture separately to loading in the model mesh.

    Would this still be the case with what I'm wanting to achieve or is there a way of bringing in a textured model in one operation?

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    From what you describe, aren't you looking for the Qt3D module ?

  • @SGaist Thanks for your comment. I'm not really sure whether Qt3D will do the trick but I'll continue my investigations there.

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