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How to save a text to speech into a wav-file?

  • the qspeech example works fine. but i 'd like to save it to a wav.file. Does anybody know how to?
    thanks a lot.

  • That's not supported.

  • according to SAPI5.4 (works for windows text to speech) , interface ISpVoice has a function named SetOutput() which may save the text to speech voice as a wav.file. the problem is that qspeech creates an ttsEngine object which declares a (ISpVoice* m_pVoice) as a private object. you can't access it from the uplevel object which means you can't access ISpVoice interface directly to be able to use any fuctions it supports.
    Does anybody know why is it?
    thanks a lot.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Likely a feature that nobody thought about yet. The module is pretty young, you are welcome to make suggestions to improve it.

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