Building from source in release mode - no qmake.exe or mkspecs installed

  • Hello all,

    I've just downloaded, built, and installed Qt 5.9.2 in Windows. The steps were "configure <args>", "jom -j4", and "jom install". I've tried both debug and release builds ("-debug" and "-release" args to configure). My application uses CMake to build it. With the debug build of my application, everything works correctly. But with the release build, CMake can't find qmake.exe. When I look in the installed Qt directory in the bin sub-directory, there is no qmake.exe. In the debug installation, that file is there. I manually copied it from the Qt build directory to the installed directory and then CMake failed on mkspecs/win32-msvc. I copied that too and now things appear to be working. I did not have the problem with Qt 5.9.1.

    Can somebody please confirm that this is the case, or did I do something wrong?

    Thanks for any help,

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    If you would like somebody to confirm, you should at least give the exact parameters you used to build your version of Qt and if you used out of source builds.

  • Thanks for replying. For the debug build, my configure command is:

    configure -prefix c:\Qt\5.9.2_msvc2017_debug -opensource -confirm-license -debug -platform win32-msvc -I c:\pgsql\include -L c:\pgsql\lib -nomake examples -nomake tests -sql-psql -make-tool jom

    for release, it's:

    configure -prefix c:\Qt\5.9.2_msvc2017_release -opensource -confirm-license -release -platform win32-msvc -I c:\pgsql\include -L c:\pgsql\lib -nomake examples -nomake tests -sql-psql -make-tool jom


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    Did you do these two builds out of source builds ? If not, did you clean the sources before calling configure again ?

  • Thanks for replying again.

    I did the two builds in separate source directories, so no need to clean between them. I'm not sure what you mean by "out of source builds" (but I presume that doing them in separate directories makes this irrelevant).

    By the way, the problem does not happen on Linux builds.


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    @grahamm Out of source build (lets say you have Qt source in c:\QtSource):

    mkdir c:\qt_build
    cd c:\qt_build
    ..\QtSource\configure.exe ...

  • Ok, gotcha.

    Thanks, jsulm.

  • Nobody has replied, so I've entered it as a bug: I'll see what happens.

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