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Correct way for adding build steps

  • Hello everyone,

    i have a question regarding the generation of additional files with additional compilers.

    So my plan is the following:

    I have 2 compilers: tao_idl.exe and opendds_idl.exe. These Compilers generate 8 files which i need in my project. Now i want these compilers to be called everytime a person hits build in qt creator. How can i realize that. Additionally the solution must be sharable in the ende, so that other persons working on the project can load a file or something and have the possibility to generate the files as well.

    Thank you for your answers.
    Kind Regards,

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    Do you mean something like described here ?

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  • Hey guys,

    thank you for the links. They gave me a lot of interesting information.
    Now there is one problem left.
    This call generates 3 Files. One IDL-File for another preprocessing step, 1 Header and 1 Source File.

    opendds_idl.CONFIG = target_predeps
    opendds_idl.commands = $$OPENDDS_IDL_COMPILER ${QMAKE_FILE_NAME}
    opendds_idl.input = IDL_FILES
    opendds_idl.output = $$IDL_FILES_DIR/${QMAKE_FILE_BASE}TypeSupport.idl
    opendds_idl.variable_out = IDL_FILES_C
    silent:opendds_idl.commands = @echo $$OPENDDS_IDL_COMPILER ${QMAKE_FILE_IN} && $$opendds_idl.commands
    QMAKE_EXTRA_COMPILERS += opendds_idl

    The problem is how can i put the output files in different Output variables? With the variable_out parameter i can select a variable. But i need 3 different variables. The IDL file in IDL_FILES_C, the header file in HEADERS and the source file in SOURCES.

    I hope someone of you has a solution for that.

    Thank you!

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    I don't think you can do it directly, you might have to do some string processing to split the output into something you can use.

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