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System requirements for Qt3D on Android

  • Hi, I am trying to run Qt3D examples on a Samsung Galaxy S3, but all of the examples (QML and C++) crash immediately on startup with SIGSEGV. The device runs on Android 4.3 with API Level 18 and OpenGLES 3.0. I could not find specific information on minimum versions for Qt3D, so I wonder if this is a bug in Qt or if the device is to old. The call stack always looks like this:

    1  QOpenGLVertexArrayObject::create()
    2  Qt3DRender::Render::OpenGLVertexArrayObject::create(Qt3DRender::Render::GraphicsContext *, QPair<Qt3DCore::QHandle<Qt3DRender::Render::Geometry, 16u>, Qt3DCore::QHandle<Qt3DRender::Render::Shader, 16u>> const&)
    3  Qt3DRender::Render::Renderer::createOrUpdateVAO(Qt3DRender::Render::RenderCommand *, Qt3DCore::QHandle<Qt3DRender::Render::OpenGLVertexArrayObject, 16u> *, Qt3DRender::Render::OpenGLVertexArrayObject * *)
    4  Qt3DRender::Render::Renderer::prepareCommandsSubmission(QVector<Qt3DRender::Render::RenderView *> const&)
    5  Qt3DRender::Render::Renderer::doRender()
    6  Qt3DRender::Render::Renderer::render()
    7  Qt3DRender::Render::RenderThread::run()
    8  QThreadPrivate::start(void *)
    9  __thread_entry
    10 pthread_create
    11 ??

    Thanks for any advice.

  • No longer happens with 5.9.2

  • No longer happens with 5.9.2

  • @Andreas-E. confirm. Migrated from 5.9.0 to 5.9.2 and qt3d examples work out of box in Android

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