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Static member function

  • Hi,

    I have to create OPC UA client based on OPEN62541 implementation of OPC UA (

    Knowledge of OPC UA is not necessary to help me ! :)

    I have created a class named MyClient (inherit Qthread).

    Client has to read value of string variable (called 'myString') on server.

    So I have a function witch monitors "myString" and if "myString" value changes another function (callback) is called.

    { UA_Client_Subscriptions_addMonitoredItem(client, subId,monitorThis,UA_ATTRIBUTEID_VALUE,&callback, NULL, &monId); }

    In that 'callback' function im able to get notifications and new values of my "myString" variable.

    static void callback(UA_UInt32 handle, UA_DataValue value, void context){
    qDebug()<< "new value is : " << value->value; // OK
    setString(value->value);// setter for member variable, dont work : invalid use of member 'MyUaClient::plcString1' in static member function ...

    My brobleme is : as the callback function has to be static, inside of it a can't access my class member variables/properties/setter to set the new values...

    Does anybody imagin another approach to do this ?

    To be able to access variables/properties/setter inside my static method i have to create an instance on MyClient :

    static void callback(UA_UInt32 handle, UA_DataValue value, void context){
    MyClient client;
    qDebug()<< "new value is : " << value->value; // OK
    client. setString(value->value);// ok but not accessible from qml; is it possible to setContextProperty("client",&client) on the fly ??

    THX in advance for help !

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    From your description, you should pass a pointer to your client object as the context of your callback and then you can use it to update its internal state.

    Since it's likely done in a different thread, you should consider using QMetaObject::invokeMethod in order to call your setString slot.

    Hope it helps

  • Hi @SGaist thx for help. I will try this.

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