Blender Qt3D addon export error

  • Hello, I try to use the addon for blender to export animation for Qt3D. However, I got the error below when I export animation from blender:
    Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance!

  • May be it was just too much for that addon to handle..

    As you've aleready noticed, there is this post with exactly the same problem, yet also unsolved.

    So, what kind of animation was it? Judging by the log, the problem might be connected with the use of curves. May be it is possible to try getting rid of them to see if the error goes away? Or you could just make a very default animation to see if the error is ALWAYS there, or only in specific cases.

    PS: a link to the addon, together with detailed info about what you did to achieve that error, might help people help you.

  • @RaubTieR
    This is the link. The animation is quite simple: just a linear motion.

  • I even found the full script here. But that doesn't help much.

    If you say that your animation is simple, then may be you should try more complex ones? :-) Also check if the script outputs some logs as it goes, since in sources I so many print calls. It might shed some light on what is going wrong.

  • @RaubTieR I have found a new one that does not report errors. Thanks a lot!

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