Type argument of Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(T*) must be fully defined

  • In main thread, I created another subthread, and the struct must be transfered to the subthread. Here is my Connect in the main thread:

    HeartThreadMsg::HeartThreadRequest threadReqMsg;
    qRegisterMetaType<struct CDK::RRFramework>("struct CDK::RRFramework");
    emit operSig(m_RRFW, threadReqMsg);

    m_RRFW is a struct, but it is not fully defined, it defined like this:

    namespace CDK
          struct RRFramework;

    when I compile the application, it shows that Type argument of Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(T*) must be fully defined, if I do want to declare the struct, and the struct can not be fully defined, does anyone know how to solve this, or does there has other method?

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    @Ania You need to call qRegisterMetaType somewhere where the struct is fully defined.

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    To add to @jsulm, you should use the version of qRegisterMetaType without argument. The one you are using is useful only for registering alias types.

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