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[Solved]Loading screen

  • Hi! Is there a standard Qt loading screen (such as upload data from the Internet), lockable controls during its activity? For example:

    1. call action
    2. boot screen appeared
    3. download the data (with a timeout if the download failed)
    4. boot screen disappeared
    5. continued

  • Maybe QSplashScreen is something you needed?

  • QSplashScreen is often used for this at application startup. If you need to block input or show progress in some other way during your app then you need to use methods suitable for your application. These might include:

    • progress bar/dialog
    • spinners/throbbers (like in web browsers)
    • disabling certain actions or widgets for a period
    • something totally custom to your application

    If you are using QML then you can get really creative ;-)

  • Thanks to everyone problem solved

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