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Qt3D: Auto scale to align with screen coordinates

  • Is there a way to automatically scale or rotate to keep entities aligned with screen coordinates in Qt3D? I need it to implement Move, Rotate, Scale manipulators for my Game 3D Editor (with multiple viewports). I know that it is fairly easy to implement it with a shader but then Qt3D picking will not work on them, which it is a must.

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    Do you guys have really no CLUE what I am talking about or you just don t care? Am I at the right place for this type of questions?

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    The Qt3D module in its current incarnation is still pretty new compared to other modules already available for several years. So people on this forum have less experience with it and might not be able to answer your question.. You can bring this question to the interest mailing list where you'll find Qt3D's developers/maintainers.

    On a side note, in written langues, all uppercased words are considered shouting and rude, please avoid that when asking for help especially on a voluntary driven forum.

  • My bad. I am a french speaking guy. I did not mean to be disrespectful. As a Qt dev for around 15 years, I really appreciate your Qt dev hard work.
    Thanks for your reply.

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