Using .pro-files with non-Qt applications in QtCreator

  • Hello everyone! Could you help me to solve my problem - I would like to use QtCreator for my ARM development without Qt. I have the toolchain, but I need to set qmake in Qt versions tab in the settings. I have downloaded Qt Sources and configured qmake in qtbase directory to use with toolchain (Sysroot and device keys). But when I'm trying to add qmake to Qt list in QtCreator's settings it says “invalid Qt version”, but I don't need Qt I just need qmake to use pro-files. Could you explain me how can I do this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you properly installed Qt after building it ?

  • @SGaist Thank you! :)

    Nope, I didn't. I thought if I just copy qmake file and mkspecs directory to another directory and use this qmake as Qt version, it will solve my problem, but I guess I'm wrong :( I just don't need Qt for ARM but I need only qmake that can generate Makefiles from profiles

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    In that case build only the qtbase module however you still need to install it. You can't just copy parts of Qt around.

  • @SGaist yes, you were right! Qmake is saving absolute path internally, I think. So I moved all necessary files to required directory and everything is working, thank you!

    I'll post a screenshot with minimum necessary files and directories that needed to successful qmake's work without Qt.

    It requires an empty include directory! If you delete it QtCreator will not show your non-Qt Kit in the startup list of Kits for a new project!